A greeting

Almost immediately after the shock of finding themselves facing a large party of orcs, clearly on the other side of the continent, had dissipated, Keth’s breath caught in her throat. Her stomach lurched and her eyes darkened for a moment as panic nearly overwhelmed her when she realized there was now more than a country between her and Scruffy, and no easy way of getting back again. And besides, wasn’t this their intended destination anyway? Would the rest of the party even want to go back? And surely Malcav would be unimpressed if they backtracked now…

No matter. Now was not the time to show her panic, not with an encampment of orcs spread out before them. Taking a moment to collect herself, Keth glanced around at her companions and saw that they all seemed as shocked as she was. Nobody made a move to speak to the orcs. Keth wracked her brain trying to think of an appropriate greeting. Sure, she’d learned Orcish from the half-orcs that made the underbelly of Lichtenrade their home, and she was reasonably good at sweet-talking or bluffing her way out of tight spots with the law or the Thieves Guild, but she’d never actually dealt with a full orc before. What would be the best approach? When dealing with the half-orc rogues back home, it was best to match toughness with toughness, but that was usually the best approach when dealing with most thieves, half-orcs or not. Keth wasn’t sure that would be a good plan here, considering she and her companions were the intruders.

As these thoughts tumbled through her head, the orcs began to notice them. Someone needed to say or do something soon. Stepping forward a bit and trying to gather her wits, Keth said the first thing that popped into her head: “[Orcish] Hello.”


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