General Proclamation

This notice has been distributed to all cities and posted on town hall boards.

By decree of Sir Abner von Gunthe III, Lord Commander of the Preliminary Unilateral Recovery Effort, Master Necroid Slayer,

Reviewed, ratified and proclaimed by His Majesty Kaiser Adalwulf Benedictus, First of his name, protector of the realm and saviour of Geftlubadd,

Due to the grand efforts of P.U.R.E. and the tireless efforts of the Geftlubaddian army, many estates of noble families have been successfully purged of the necroid threat. In concert with the Church of Kraun, these lands have been consecrated and have been deemed to be inhabitable. It is the wish of His Majesty Kaiser Adalwulf Benedictus, and the opinion of Sir Abner Von Gunthe, that these lands should be reinstated to their former owners, to be held by the noble families that fought so valiantly and sacrificed so much to defend Geftlubadd during the War of Skulls.

Due to the hardships faced during this time of crisis, the crown recognizes that the heir to said estates may not be readily available. As such, these lands will be held in trust for a period of 5 years or until an individual of binding age with proof of lineage has come forth to set claim.

If no such individual has been presented within the allotted time, all lands, holdings and wealth therein will be assumed by the crown to be used at its discretion. Should a claim be made after the 5 year period, compensation negotiations will be permitted and heard by the crown.

The following estates have been purged and are available to be claimed:
- Osstad Hold and surrounding highlands, Osweldt
- Grundbuch Estates, Ghoranusberg
- Fort Gesetz and surrounding holdings, Osweldt
- Oldenberg Estates, Osweldt
- Strelitz Manor, Osweldt
- Uradel Manor, Ghoranusberg
- Hochadel Estates, Osweldt
- Niederer Hold and surrounding holdings, Selinn
- Schenk Manor, Ghoranusberg
- Ibnetz Hide, Einnendorf
- Standerschern Manor, Osweldt
- Heisenberg Manor, Ghoranusberg
- Grauf Manor, Osweldt
- Siedmacher Estates, Osweldt


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