If it were any good it would have been Plan A

Zack starred at Siggy for a long time… sometimes his friend was dense. He rarely understood nobles, if we wanted something, tell the orcs what is was and get on with it. The large orc looked angry… Zack knew that look; that was the look of someone who was just about out of patience; Zack had seen this look many times.

Hoggle twirled the weapons in his hands, Snot shifted the tension in the air was palpable, Zack slowly caught on… there we a lot of Orcs, there weren’t that many goblins at their disposal, they wouldn’t win this fight… his eyes widened in worry

“Siggy… What did he say? WHAT DID HE SAY” his friends face looked pale as he turned to face him

“Kill them” Siggy replied his tone devoid of fear or emotion. Zack took a deep breath

“Well Shit, that is certainly not what we were hoping for… can we win this fight?”

“No”, “Nope” Hoggle and Snot supplied, Zack glared at them

“Siggy, Gray, Keth… can we win this?” the looks on their faces spoke before their words could “Ok, so what’s plan B? fuck that moving right to C, what is plan C?…. hole up? Talk ‘em down? Single combat? Divine fortune?… come on… we aint licked yet?”

Zack watched as the Orcs hefted their weapons and began to approach…. He closed his eyes and wished he was anywhere but here… he opened his eyes… the orcs were still coming…

“well shit… I guess we’re up to plan D now”


malik_sejul Argyle

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