Report to Os'is

Siegfried looked around at what was happening. This realm was strange, not exactly chaotic, more like it had been put together by a child that had been in the throes of a temper tantrum.

His hand unconsciously went to his sword and he felt for his magic. He gathered up that part of him self that had been awakened with the ritual that Os’is had preformed.

He gathered the magic for a sending message and hoped that it got to him. Kaiserslouft Oberson Library secure. Pharusbannaxus son one book. Jin O’tool replace defences as possible. need better time, money, magic, if fighting powers above us. Talk soon.

Os’is had said that the sending message would be able to send from anywhere, Siegfried hoped that was true.

He continued to look around. Not only did he clutch his own sword, but now the sword Zack had thrown away, Moreal’s sword. He could feel warmth from it, a comforting one. He also sought out Odessa’s presence, that one comforting core that had been with him the longest, the two presences seemed to almost be coming from a similar place.

Siegfried looked to where Zack was, It looked like something had just happened. He hopped that everything would be alright.

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