The Raven's Flight

Odessa flew around the tower and the library. One minute the boy had been there in the library, then the dark magics had been everywhere, and then he was gone. Not dead, just gone.

The Jinn seems to be out of sorts with what happened, and If Odessa wasn’t mistaken the big headed horned guy that the boy didn’t like much, but was starting to respect a little, had been nosing around as well.

With a noise flap of wings Odessa landed on a post near where one of the shinny man’s little mocking birds was placing a piece of paper on a board. Odessa had learned to read a little, and specific words always caught her attention. This one had two, the boy’s murders name and the name of the murder that was one that he had never respected.

Heisenberg, PURE.

Odessa flew up and dived the board, and tore that paper off. She flew up cawing to the rest of the murder of this city,

Send out word, find my boy, any of his murder, his adopted murder, his sisters, his brothers. It is time they went home.


Nice post, I really like the Raven POV – classic!

The Raven's Flight
malik_sejul malik_sejul

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