The Raven's Flight Pt 2.

“Who? Who? Who?” The raven cawed over and over.

“Heisenberg.” Odessa repeated again.

“Where? Who? What?” Several of the ravens cawed back.

Odessa wasn’t getting very far. Her awakening had happened gradually and with the guidance and example from many humans. Now she was trying to make ravens who had yet to be awakened understand the specifics of humans.

“Heisenberg.” Odessa pecked at the word on the sheet. Several ravens’ heads cocked as they looked toward the writing and then back at Odessa before cawing back in assent.

“See the markings.” Odessa cawed again, before pecking at the paper. A few more ravens moved closer to join the group and cawed in with the others, showing their understanding.

“Go find the markings, then come back to me.” Odessa cawed out the command, hoping the other ravens would agree. A few ravens flew off, but far more just stayed where they were.

“Food?” They cawed back. “Reward? Food?”

“Yes. Great food and reward when you get back.” Odessa lied.

“Food! Reward!” The ravens’ caws went up in agreement as one after another raven’s began to leave the rookery.

Suddenly the door to the loft slammed open…


malik_sejul malik_sejul

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