The Raven's Flight Pt 3.

Godfrey lay awake on his lumpy mattress, not able to find sleep and not able to get the sight of the blackness out of his head.

He should have been tired. It had been the busiest day of his life. Godfrey had never sent so many missives in a single day. The lord himself had sent over 20, and then it seemed like every villager in the town had put in an order to have messages sent out the next morning. Even now there was a stack of tiny messages waiting to go tomorrow morning. Godfrey knew he didn’t have enough ravens. He’d also have to hold at least a dozen in reserve just in case.

Godfrey tried his best to get the thoughts of his work out of his head, and worked harder to forget the sight of the blackness that consumed the library.

Just as Godfrey was about the find sleep the ravens aloft in the rookery started to caw.

“What the fuck…” Godfrey said in annoyance. The slowly the ravens got louder.

“Shut up.” Godfrey said more to himself. Still the ravens got louder. Slowly his sensibility came back to him as his mind woke up again. The only reason they’d be making noise at this hour is if something was disturbing them.

Godfrey sighed as he got to his feet. The ravens seemed to be getting worked up over something, but it didn’t sound like they were angry. A stoat or an owl would have them cawing bloody murder. This wasn’t like that.

Godfrey put on his night coat, grabbed his keys and started up the stairs to the rookery tower. The cawing only got louder as he moved up the creaky stairs of the tower.

As he neared he started to hear the sound of wings flapping, moving about the loft. The sudden realization that the raven’s were out of their cages made Godfrey panic. He fumbled with his keys as he reached the door and unlocked it.

“What in the hells!”

The rookery was a mess, cages unlocked, feathers everywhere. It took a moment for Godfrey to get a sense of what was going on. They were leaving. The ravens had somehow gotten themselves out and were leaving.

“The lord is gonna have my head…” Godfrey looked around and sighed as his eyes rested on a large raven standing on a piece of parchment.


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