Adailia Melody Quixote

Twin sister to Idego


Adailia’s life has been one of wonder, growing up she often heard voices in the nearby woods and would wander out to explore. Her mother, Melinanthalis Melody Quixote, often told her that her heritage was calling her back to her roots.

Growing up she and her twin Indego Robberro Quixote had been near inseparable, and life and the world was theirs to explore.

in her 7th year her father Sir Robbero Cicero Quoixte was slain by dwarven raiders, and then life changed

her eldest brother Sir Edwardo Roberro Quixote took over the villa, and though she loved him dearly, the two were near opposites. Twice her brother had tried to marry her off, and twice her mother and twin had interceded talking sense into Edwardo.

Edwardo soon began sending Indego into town for training and so with a great hole in her life she turned to the only ones who understood her, the animals. She had befriended a small thrush named Segar, and between him and Sammy Jay messages could be passed between the twins, but it wasn’t the same, more and more often she found herself in the woods speaking with the fox or racoons . recently she has found a kindred spirit in young Sophia Annett Quioxte but she is aware of Annetts feeling towards her way of life. she misses her twin so, but has not decided what is the right path for her, the hamlet of [[Cicero[[ or perhaps the woods


5’10 135 lbs half elf aged 19, twin of Indego, Brown hair and Brown eyes

4th lvl witch, Patron is animals,

Familiar is a thrush named Segar

Charm, Cauldron and Aura of Purity are here hex’s

more to come later

Adailia Melody Quixote

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