Annett Claudia Quixote

a maiden from the house of Klein, Married to Edwardo


Daughter of Sir Thorstan Klein (sr) she was married young to Sir Edwardo Roberro Quixote and moved to Cicero Villa. since there she has worked hard to learn teh ways of the house from her mother in law Melinanthalis Melody Quixote. Although she appreciates the talents the twins offer she find them a little to flighty and elfin for her tastes and encourages her children to focus on duty and honour and the needs of the house

she has three children

Sabine Melody Quixote

Florian Edwardo Quixote

Sophia Annett Quioxte


5’9 inches at 28 years old, she has long blond hair and blue eyes

4th level aristocrat, due to her husbands insistence she is capable of swinging a sword, or even donning armor but finds the practice rediculas and does not carry a weapon within Cicero

Annett Claudia Quixote

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