Chern of the Brizaghari


A short dark skinned man, standing at only 5’4", he’s wearing a simple set of cheap cloths, of the type favoured by most non-uniformed soldier, his torso covered by a chain shirt. A gray cloak securely fastened over his shoulders marks him as one of the Gray Vanguard. Two large kukris hang at his sides, and a short-bow over his back, together with a backpack, keeps the cloak from billowing. A belt around his waste lined with pouches likely contain the bare essentials of survival.


Chern was born the second son of Brunei Bahadur, a reasonably well known veteran warrior among the Brizaghari, a position that left him with very little advantage over his peers. As second-born, he was not granted the personalized training of the firstborn, and had to make do with the training offered en mass to all the other children. At age 10, he underwent the ceremony of arming, being granted his first kukri to be used as a weapon rather then merely training or a tool. Much time was spent in hunting and practice, in another 8 years, he would be expected to undertake his service, to descend from the mountain valley, into the greater lands bellow, and find a warmaster to fight under, to prove himself as a true son of the mountains, of sufficient bravery, strength, and intelligence to be allowed to become a full fledged member of the clan, and family Bahadur.

How long the service would take was never set, when one felt they had accomplished enough, they would return, and their service records be judged by the family they where to join. If, though rare, they where deemed unsatisfactory, and no other family would have them, they would remain as the clan-less, ignored by society at large, either forced to survive on the scraps left by others, or free to leave the valley and never return. For those majority whose service was deemed satisfactory, they would then be placed within the families, and hence clans social structure.

Though it was very rare for any to be refused by all, everyone studied and trained the arts of war and combat, seeking to be prepared for everything. To return defeated was even worse a fate then to never return at all. The families storytellers would also sit with the children often, and recite to them the histories of their elders, their accomplishments when they had been young and undergoing service. Of particular interest to Chern was the stories of his father Brunei, whom had had the fortune, or misfortune, of beginning his service just before the war of skulls, and his path down the mountain having led him into Geftlubadd, that is where he enlisted to fight. By the time the undead appeared, he had become well enshrined within the Geftlubadd military, and was committed to the end of the war, he could not leave without permanently aborting his service.

When Chern was old enough, and deemed skilled in the ways of war and battle, he took on the oath of service, and left the mountains and headed into the great valley. For many months, even years, he wandered from one end to the other, seeking a force he could join that would be right for his service. As a town guard, there was little to accomplish that would be deemed worthy by his people. Bandits rarely accomplished anything worth note, being too set on acquiring the riches of others. He took on odd jobs as a freelancing sell sword, his price dictated by how much worth he saw in any particular mission. Only three years after his service began, did he have the chance to encounter the Gray Vanguard. He had been hired to exterminate a group of undead that had wandered into a rich mans estate, but upon descending into the bowels of the mansion, found that what was supposed to be merely a handful of shamblers was instead a rather large pack of ghouls. He faught valiantly, he slew more of them then he could count, the floor was covered in decapitated corpses, but the battle was taking its toll on his own health as well.

He would have fallen then, becoming one of the lost, but luck was with him, he survived long enough to see a detachment of Gray Vanguard that had been hired by his employers father for the same purpose advancing on the ghouls. Though wounded and bleeding from numerous critical wounds, he didn’t fall till the Grayman had destroyed the mob.

When he regained consciousness, he knew that he had found who his service would be with, and immediately, despite the protests of the healer, departed to enlist among the ranks of the Gray Vanguard.

His acceptance mission into the Vanguard was participation in an attack against a bandit lord whom had been setting himself up near the border with Zenoi. It was during this mission, that he encountered the dog Kane, a mongrel, one of a dozen others that had been avoiding bandit kicks, blades, and arrows for the scraps of food they could steal from around the encampment.

Chern of the Brizaghari

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