Sir Edwardo Roberro Quixote

A Knight trying to expand his family and do right by his late father


Edwardo was born in Cicero Villa to Sir Robbero Cicero Quoixte and Lady Melinanthalis Melody Quixote. He grew up in the hamlet of Cicero and squired under his father in the traditional fashion. during the war, he pushed his father to take a greater role and get involved but often his father reminded him that their duty as prescribed by the Baron was to protect the villagers of Cicero and assure the livestock and herds were in good shape to support the war effort, doing anything else would risk their primary mission.

Towards the end of the war it was seen that their would be no other option but to stand and fight, and so they did, making a great contribution at the right moment, as a reward the Baron Knighted Edwardo, and assigned him to aid his father.

years later he began to take on more duties of his father and expanded patrol routes to nearby trappers and foresters. it was around this time that his siblings Adailia Melody Quixote and Indego Robberro Quixote were born. Father never had the patience of drive for discipline with the twins that he had had with Edwardo, and so after numerous attempts to train his younger brother to squire for him, Edwardo gave up as well allowing the two the freedom to pursue their own interests.

a few years later Father made an excellent match with a young human Lady from the far end of the Barony and house Klein. Edwardo was married to a Annett Claudia Klein or as it is now Annett Claudia Quixote. She bore him three children, the eldest daughter (now aged 14) Sabine Melody Quixote, a son (now 9) Florian Edwardo Quixote and another daughter (now 6) Sophia Annett Quixote.

Annett was pregnant with Florian when the dwarves attacked, it was lucky that she had wanted to see her family and had left a few days prior to visit with young Sabine, Edwardo had escorted her home with two men at arms and had decided to loop around Cicero and due an extended patrol on the way back. it is decision that still haunts him. His father was left alone to face these odds without even a spear-men at his side. He was thankful that his mother had fled the village with the twins but still it pained him as he took over the household knowing the shadow he would live in was deep.

Everything Edwardo does is for his father and his families honor, although the knightly training never stuck with the twins they did pick up that deep rooted sense of family and honor, currently Edwardo is looking to expand his holdings, perhaps reaching towards one day becoming an Eldermen or minor Baron. His Son Florian had begun working as a squire in his Brother in law Thorstan. His mother is wise and has made sure things are well at home so that Edwardo and Indego can venture out and create the connections needed to grow the house of Quixote.


6’4, 190lbs, dark brown hair close cropped with a thick tom sellck mustash. deep brown eyes with a heavy brow. at age 37 there is still no grey or real signs of ages (mostly due to the elvish blood). he is a stern man and usually only his younger brother can get him to laugh, her prefers to talk of his work and the future and can often be found in his fathers parlor (still refers to it as his fathers) staring into the fire and thinking about future plans

6th level Cavalier (Order of the Land)
rides a grey Andalusian Mare, favors the bastard sword, and long spear and kite shield and breast plate armor. is comfortable with a short bow, but rarely uses it, feels its his duty to know everyone in his lands and what is going on, and so is often on patrol. usually accompanied by two men at arms (lvl 2 warrirs) chain male and spears.

family crest is a grey mares head on a field of green

Sir Edwardo Roberro Quixote

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