Florian Edwardo Quixote

Son of Edwardo Squire to Sir Thorstan Klein


This young page longs for knighthood, Son of Sir Edwardo Roberro Quixote and Lady Annett Claudia Quixote he grew up in Cicero Villa. learning to ride from his uncle Indego Robberro Quixote and learning the basics of sword work and duty from his father.

at the age of eight he was sent to the house of Klein to squire for his uncle Sir Thorstan Klein it is his hope that by the age of sixteen he will have earned his knighthood. he is a strong believer in duty to house and Family but as most boys due longs for adventure and glory in battle


5’6 133 lbs and still growing this young boy has sandy blond hair and brown eyes, he favors the long sword but is hoping to grow into the bastard sword like his father, currently he wears a chain shirt and a small steel shield, he is also practicing with the long spear.

2nd level warrior to retrain into cavalier in a few years

Florian Edwardo Quixote

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