(Dead?)Hanz and Greta von Heisenberg

Nobels, Champions of the people, Parents to Siegfried, Heinrich, Alice and Alisha


Hanz was tall black haired, and though he seemed to always be avoiding work, things always got done. This demeanor also hid a calculating and strategic mind. When angered it always seemed that their was fire literally coming off his weapons and body

Greta was blond and shorter then her husband, it was suspected that it was she who kept Hanz in line and got him to get things done. An excellent archer, Healer, and steward. It was she that kept the Manor running while Hanz dealt with outside concerns. She was the true power that ‘scared’ her husband and children. It was a BAD idea to make her upset.


Of noble blood and baring they were highly respected by their people and others in Geftlubadd.

(Dead?)Hanz and Greta von Heisenberg

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