Lord Elgin Osman III

Lord and governor of Ebbenheim


A weathered middle aged man, who was squired during The War of Skulls and who has seen nothing but hard times for the people he is charged to protect. Lord Osman is a hard but fair man who believes in honest work and firm results.

Of late Lord Osman has been more severe in his punishments and less tolerant of those who waste his time. It has become apparent why Lord Osman is so stressed, as over the past two years the Kaiser has pulled more and more troops from this northern outpost to join the ranks of PURE and help wipe out the undead threat. Unfortunately, this stretches out the available defenders for the fort and walls of Ebbenheim.

Rarely seen out of the fortress that lies in the middle of Ebbenheim, Lord Osman is avidly avoided by those who do not absolutely need to talk to him.


Lord Elgin Osman III

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