Melinanthalis Melody Quixote

Beloved wife of the late Roberro Quixote


Born in the village of _______________ Melinanthalis always loved animals, her father was a merchant of often praised her as a Horse whisperer. Melinanthalis traveled with him often as then looked for superb stock to breed the elven Akhal-Teke’s.

On one such visit her father had come to an agreement for breeding in the Hamlet of Cicero and here she met the love of her life Sir Robbero Cicero Quoixte. It was considered an odd match on all sides but her father was not one to stand in the way of love, and could see the human was indeed a good man, with his blessing a dowry was set and marriage took place.

Over the years Melinanthalis now Melody for the sake of her tongue tied husband aided him in seeing to his people and administering the duties of Cicero. she gave birth to her eldest son Edwardo Roberro Quixote and worked hard with her husband and son to shield their hamlet from the worst parts of the war.

she continued to care for and grow her husbands horse collection as well as advise the ranchers, life was good

in her 212th year she gave birth to the twins Indego Robberro Quixote and Adailia Melody Quixote. At this time her husband was getting on in years, and didn’t not have the energy to care for to young half elves, which likely speaks to why the lean closer to their mothers mannerisms then hers

in her 219th year, her husband was slain by dwarves, something she will likely never forgive the race for, she had treid to keep her anger from her children but often it will slip through. after his death she debated taking the twins and going back to her homeland, but she could not bare to part from Edwardo Roberro Quixote and duty would not allow the Knight to leave Cicero. and so she has stayed, spending more and more time with the horses to remind her of her lost love.


5’10 at 132 lbs she has long flowing brown hair with pale blue eyes at 231 she is still young for an elf

she has 3 levels of aristocrat and 4 levels of expert (horse breeder)

she does not wear armor unless on journies outside of the Cicero but has a chain shirt for those travels, she has an elven long sword as well as a short bow that she has maintained her practice with, but again does not carry them unless outside of the hamlet.

Melinanthalis Melody Quixote

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