Peeter Kuolinisku


Husband to Elizabeth Kuolinisku (now deceased), father to Lirienne. Owned and ran the local store in Nietz with his wife. While Elizabeth was pregnant with daughter Lirienne, she was bitten and turned into one of the undead. Peeter confined and hid her from everyone. She gave birth to Lirienne, went full on zombie and promptly tried to kill her. Peeter had to kill her.

He was never quite the same after this experience but tried to raise Lirienne the best he knew how. He made sure she was educated and found her a place in the local temple of Vaugh’han: God of Darkness, Death, and Secrets.

He wants her to use her gifts for good not evil. He gifted her with an all black outfit for her 16th birthday but wishes she wouldn’t wear it ALL THE TIME, how will she find a good husband?

Peeter Kuolinisku

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