(Dead) Sir Robbero Cicero Quoixte

A Knight passed and protector of the hamlet of Cicero


Considered new blood by many Roberro has always been seen as an odd one. During the war Roberro worked hard on a local scale to assure the people and lands of his grandfather Cicero Quoixte (the one whom this hamlet is named for) were well taken care of. Roberro was a simple knight loving his horses and people and had no ambition towards higher politics, many say he relied heavily on his wife Melinanthalis Melody Quixote whom he lovingly called “melody” due to his lack of skill with the elvish tongue. the two worked hard simple lives protecting their people and raising his first born son Edwardo Roberro Quixote.

useing the little credit he was given after the war, Roberro was granted his request in having his son Edwardo Knighted, Edwardo from there began to take up many of his father’s duties in protecting the hamlet and seeing to the neighboring areas safety as well.

In Roberro’s 49th year, his wife gave birth to twins (this was not planned) Indego Robberro Quixote and Adailia Melody Quixote. Seeing that his title and lands were already in good hands, and that his son had been knighted, Roberro saw less importance in assuring his next son would be a knight as well, giving the twins more freedom to roam, explore and develop other talents.

in his 56th year Cicerowas attacked by a raiding party of Zinoe dwarves, Edwardo had been out on a patrol with the hamlets only two man at arms. Ignoring the pleading of his wife, who begged him to let the dwarves take what they wanted, Roberro felt his honour and duty demanded action, he mounted up and rode forward to meet the attacking dwarves demanding Melody take the twins to safety until all was well.

Robbero was killed on the fateful night, to the heartbreak of his family and the peasants of Cicero.


(Dead) Sir Robbero Cicero Quoixte

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