Sabine Melody Quixote

Daughter of Edwardo and Annett


Daughter of Sir Edwardo Roberro Quixote and Lady Annett Claudia Quixote. Sabine is dutiful daughter always trying to live up to her mothers expectations of what a young lady should be like. She has two siblings a young brother named Florian Edwardo Quixote and a younger sister named Sophia Annett Quioxte. She gets along well with her brother and his pursuits of becoming a knight aid the family, but she finds her sister leans more towards the elfin side of her family, and her willingness to ignore her duties in turn for fun do no go well with her. She agrees with her mother that the Twins and their carefree attitude are a bad influence and though they are her elders and should be respected they should also be avoided and caution she be taken when listening to their tales of adventure fey and mysticism

Having flowered recently her father is currently in talks with several other Knights to find her “a good match” currently she lives in the Cicero Villa in the Hamlet of Cicero. she is hoping her father will find a match for her that is close to home so she can visit often.


5’3 at 111 lbs she has sandy blond hair with dark blue eyes, she has scorned all forms of weapon training although her grandmother requires her to keep up her practice with the short bow, she never carries it unless ordered to.

1st level aristocrat

Sabine Melody Quixote

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