( dead) Sir Dustin Guthrie

A Knighted noble of Nietz


A noble who survived the The War of Skulls, he had been loyal to the King, right until things started to go the other way, he then flipped sides in a hurry and managed to maintain his house and holdings. From there he has had fun with the common folk, “Aiding” some in getting tested for knighthood for a “price” sadly there has been a rash of poor pupils and none of his squires has ever been “up to snuff” to attain knighthood.

Recently for reasons unknown Sir Dustin Guthrie has decided to leave Nietz and look to other townships for more proiperous holdings, none know why save that his departure was swift, some suspect he may have been due to a certain cursed squire. Either way, few question a Nobles right to travel.

Dustin is well liked in certain circles, whose sudden choice found themselves on the right side of a certain battle, aside from that he is respected as his station dictates.

It is rumoured that Sir Guthrie now resides in Nidderau.


( dead) Sir Dustin Guthrie

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