Sir Thorstan Klein

A knight


Son of Sir Thorstan Klein Sr, he has taken over the duties of Korlien Manor in the village of Eichwald, the village being larger then that hamlet of Cicero leaves Thorstan reporting to the Buergerminster there. His family has lived in Korlien Manor ever since the war where his father earned his knighthood and was awarded the lands.

Sir Thorstan Jr was very involved in making sure his sister was married to a good family within the Barony who might also provide long term support and join the families closer, he was happy with the new connection to the Quioxte house, as his father had forged a friendship to Sir Robbero Cicero Quoixte during the battle of __________________.

Brother in Law of Sir Edwardo Roberro Quixote and currently squiring his nephew Florian Edwardo Quixote


5’10 and 179 lbs he has short brown hair and brown eyes

5th level cavalier Order of the Shield

favors full plate armor, long sword, lance and steel sheild

Sir Thorstan Klein

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