Sophia Annett Quioxte

Daughter of Edwardo and Annett


Daughter of Sir Edwardo Roberro Quixote and Annett Claudia Quixote Sophia was always a little odd.

her aunt Adailia Melody Quixote had said that when she was born every hearth and candle in the Villa burned brighter for a moment and that she had been “touched by Fire” a term that complemented her fiery red hair.

she loves her family deeply but has trouble connecting with the cycles of duty, honour, work. and more often finds a better connection with her aunt Adi or her uncle Indego. Her mother often tries to warn her away from the twins, reminding her that the elfin blood runs hotter in their veins and that they are prone to boutes of immaturity, a comment that often makes her uncle laugh heartily.

Spending a much time as she can in the woods near Cicero Sophia has always had a strong connection to nature, one that her Aunt encourages and advises her on. with the nature of her fathers work she had been someone overlooked by him giving her more time to pursue her own interests


4’5 and 63 lbs she has fiery red hair and hazel eyes

first level adept to train into Orical or witch later

Sophia Annett Quioxte

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