To Dream A Dream

Siegfried tossed and turned in his sleep. He sweated, his muscles twitched. If people looked closely enough they may have been able to guess what was happening.

Clang, Clang, Clang the hammer went. Hsssssssss…….. went the steam of the the water as he quench the metal in the water. There was a hum in the air as he placed enchantment upon enchantment on the work in front of him. Layered upon each other reinforcing the edge, making it sharper, stronger. In the gem in the crosspiece he place a reservoir for his power, one that would be able to store more than he could use at a single time, and able to be called upon at will.

Stretching his back and clearing his brow of the sweat gathered there, he glanced over to the rest of the equipment that had been made. Once these works were complete the people of this country would once again know that one of his House would protect them.

Siegfried woke with a gasp, he had never had a dream so vivid and real. He now realized how to do so many things that would help him, his friends and the people of his country.

Telling of Tales, a Snot Story

Listen Ups all, I gots some words to be tellin

As you know in Goboltopia, Good King Jareth of the house of Bowie ruled all. Things were good, we was happy, life was grand.

Then the evil Red Cap having sold his soul to the Dark Fae turned on the good king and made war on him, seizing the Goblo Keep and most of Goblotopia. It was all we could do to safely get our king to the Labyrinth before assassins could kill him, their King Jareth could marshal his resources and prepare to fight back.

Well in the words of the legendary Goblin Ackbar “IT’S a TRAP” the Labyrinth was already enchanted with an evil enchantment that radiated evil and redundancy . King Jareth was twisted and controlled by Dark Fae powers and turned on his loyal goblins slaying them and joining Red Cap.

Now don’t you worry, cause even though things seem lost, and even though we are pretty damned screwed, there is still hope… we have found the kings cousin, he was off visiting a distant land Good Jovi, and Good Jovi has agreed to help the resistance in our efforts to stop the overwhelming evil of Red Cap and try and Free Jareth to once again bring honour to the House of Bowie and allow Goblin kind to be free again.

Now our people wait, and bide our time as we build up resources and intelligence until once day we can be free!

Revenge is a dish best served with Horse flesh

I wandered back into Neitz. As you recall I had turned down a mission with you and the Captain to head south, it was high time Moreal and I went home, made amends. It didn’t take wandering though Nietz to remember everything I hated about this place; I remember pulling the hood of my cloak up higher, few bothered a Greyman, and I didn’t wish to bothered. The tent stood where it always had, white smoke puffed from the chimney and a cheery glow of candles came from inside. I remember smiling despite myself, things were better, there is no way mother would ever have candles lit during daylight, no matter how cloudy it was, she must be receiving the money I’d been sending.

I remember walking towards the tent and hearing a few voices, she must be entertaining I’d thought to myself. I hadn’t noticed at the time but looking back I’m pretty sure Moreal knew something was wrong, she hung back and was looking about cautiously. I flung open the tent with a loud hello in greeting; nothing could prepare me for what I’d seen.

It turns out my mother had died that previous winter, cold, illness who could be sure. These assholes had found her frozen dead, and instead of reporting it, they’d disposed of the body, and taken up residence living fat off the coin I’d been sending. I would have cut them down where they stood but Moreal, as always had her wits about her.

“Where is the child, Roslyn, what have you done with here?” her voice was pure as an Angels but held the force of a raging river. I had forgotten my sister in my anger, but hearing her mention it, I was immediately interested. A quick interrogation found they knew nothing, likely she had found them in her home and run off. I didn’t kill them, I wanted to, but Moreal had talked me down, she said the priority was finding Ros, and that a knight had better things to do then killing street urchins. We left and conducted a thorough search throughout Neitz… nothing, no one remembered a poor girl in the streets, big surprise.

Moreal wanted to go back to the Greymen, recruit some in helping with the search, I had other plans. There was one man responsible for this and it was high time we spoke. Nidderau was not that much of a journey, not for us anyway. We arrived without pomp or notice, and made my way to the home of Sir Dustin Gunthri. It appeared he was doing well for himself, a small home within the city. I watched his house for days, waiting and learning. Moreal wanted to leave, wanted us to move on, I would have none of it, and she would not leave me. The days were cold but my anger had been warmth enough for the long hours of watch. Finally an opportunity presented itself, the fool knight left one evening for a party, releasing his serf for the night before he departed. Using an invisibility spell it was not hard to enter his house unnoticed and unseen. Here I waited. And waited, and waited. Finally the fool came back, drunk and staggered into his bedroom. It was quick work to disarm him. I had Hoggle and Snot with me and they through him onto the bed and held him there.

You must understand, this man had used my mother as his personal whore, he’d tried to rape my sister and when he was done with us he’d thrown my family into the gutter assuring no one would trade with us or hire us. Every evil my family had ever suffered was at the hands of this sick bastard.

At first he didn’t even recognize me, after some talk he recalled my mother, “the horse faced slut”. That was the line, he would die a wretched death for that. It was also the line for Moreal
“Zachary, you cannot do this, a knight does not torture, nor does he kill another knight drunk in his bed in anger. This man is guilty, take him quickly or better yet, put a sword in his hand and take him with honour, but I will not let you do this”

I was mad, I turned on her “Let me? You don’t let me do anything, I am my own man, no one tells me what I can or cannot do, this man deserves far worse then I will give, stand aside!” I remember her look, of pity and disappointment

“Zachary, let’s go… send the goblins home”

“NO! he dies, in pain!”

“if you do this, I will not be a part of it, I vowed to do everything in my power to make you a knight, If you do this, you will have left that path and I will be gone”

“then go, I don’t need you, I don’t need anyone”

“so mote it be”

And with that she vanished with a soft golden light. I felt a little colder, a little emptier, I was hurt.

“So boss…” Hoggle spoke up “we doin’ this?” I looked at him, and at Gunthri, I had one more loss to attribute to him.

“Take his pants off, he gets the horse” I summoned five horses in succession, each had their way with the bastard, I am sure he was screaming but Snots gag did its job well. After the last one I killed the bastard, and left him there in disgrace. I released my companions and with a few saved spells slipped out again unseen. With that I began picking up work for the Graymen in the area and eventually found myself down here.

Zack looked up a Siegfried, it had been a long story and the hour was late when he finished, “he had it coming” was all Zack said to finish the tale, and with that sipped his tea and stared once more into the fire.

The Dirge of the Princes of Hurznd Barakum
Nick had some decent rolls, I've decided to give you guys the whole thing.

Here lies Ghillarik Mortorke and Ghinnarick Mortorke, second and third twin sons to Ghandrik Mortork, Princes of Hurznd Barakum and Lords of the Steel Aerie. Thy names will be remembered forever as heroes among heroes.

This account has been written by a band of peers and laid to rest alongside these heroes so that any they doth meet in the afterlife will know each man’s courage, integrity, and personal valour.

To those who would defile: Know ye who have desecrated this tomb, that a curse, as sure as Mortorke’s Rune Forge itself, has been laid upon ye. Ye shall know no brothers! Every brother ye were born to, every companion at arms ye fight aside, and every man ye would call friend shall be stricken by a fate fitting yer crimes. Go now into dark w’out allies and die the pitiful death ye have wrought, alone and afraid.

Twas in the halls of Steely rise,
That en’mies o’Mortorke still despise,
Where Dwarven Princes sat aloft,
And en’my threats were often scoffed.
With valour great and honour true,
Twins of Ghandrik, their deeds not few,
Did rule the skies and all beheld,
With a mighty force unparalleled.
They sat in halls of fine-wrought gold,
And all who saw them thus extolled
The splendour rich of Dwarven craft
And blood red hues of bitter draught.

But giant greed is deadly cold,
No bounds to hatred still untold.
They fight for work they cannot make,
Shed their blood in hopes to take,
What they can from noble homes,
Or rob from dead in catacombs.
They come with clubs and rocks and beasts,
And on our flesh hold loathly feasts.
They rage like storms they know no rank,
With gruesome bodies and disgusting stank,
Beheld a host of cataclysmic size,
As sounds of horror in night outcries.

Our heroes stood, their voices loud,
“No troll or giant on this mountain proud!
To arms and runes our bravely men,
Pull thy mounts from stately pen!
Strike at those who come so grim,
And sing aloft of Mortorke’s hymn,
For on this day our mountain booms,
Thunder strikes and fire consumes!
Give them naught but pain and spite,
Upon their flesh our hammers smite,
For none shall foot upon our stone,
Now make our might legend known!”

The battle rang and raged for days,
As grisly en’my crept up in haze!
Hundreds, by the score they came,
Through axe and blast and fire and flame.
Yet together naught could they stand,
Against the Brothers and their brand.
For one with rune and one with steel,
Both did fight with untold zeal!
They laid them down, they cast them out,
With curse and cry and deadly shout.
So on the rocks the giants broke,
With every word and every stroke.

Yet in the dark a new curse rose,
That knows no tale, or written prose.
They came with laughter on fetid cry,
And soon the battle went great awry.
Twas no blade or rune they spun,
But poison made and deadly done,
To tiny wound or minor gash,
Caused greatest man to grit and gnash.
And as they died, the fearless fought,
Defending kin and time they bought,
For child and mate who sought to flee,
And found salvation in Steel Aerie.

The Brothers bold would not go,
but stood their ground through bite and blow.
Through waves of poison, and burning pain,
They would not move, nor tire nor wane.
And we are those who stood along,
To sing our mighty battle song,
For love of god and prince and king,
We would have fought through anything.
Yet upon the wind our companions flew,
With might upheld and striking true,
They came in numbers our feathered kin,
A hearty beast the bold gryphon.

With beak and claw they came in force,
Their ire fought with no remorse.
They dived and dove upon our foe,
They screamed and cried for us to go.
So seeing great their sacrifice,
We would not cheapen such weighty price,
And on we went, through cavern dark,
To find our freedom, to find the mark.
Upon the light we finally came,
To find ours weak and many lame,
From deadly wounds and greater still,
Disease did fester and make us ill.

For there it was in wooded vale,
That plots did thicken and health did fail.
Twas in the poison our death did lie,
And no salve or aid from each ally,
Would undo the damage wrongly done,
Our destiny sealed our fate was spun.
So there we stood and used our craft,
To create a tomb where all would aft,
Know our tale and know our war,
Let knowledge flow and add to lore,
How somewhere deep in foul pit,
A blasphemy of war does sit.

Different writing

I am the last of our troop,
My allies dead, our broken group.
My runes are spent, my body slain,
I have not more of much to gain.
I lay this prose in Princely tomb,
I’ll seal the rock, I’ll face the doom.
I know I’ll die without a grave,
I hope my soul Mortorke shall save,
But if I’m lost and cannot sleep
Please don’t cry, please don’t weep.
I was lucky, my house emblem,
Was from the land of Hurznd Barakum.

Dwarven Tomb Loot

22 Battleaxe (Mswk)
1 Battleaxe – Magic – Defending
23 Heavy Steel Shield (Mswk)
Robes – Magic – Resistance +1
Full Plate – Magic – +1
22 Chain Shirt (Masterwork)
Boots – Magic – Ghost Walk 1/day
Ring – Magic – Protection +1

Note 1: There are a lot of other articles of clothing that are various states of decay.
Note 2: The style of these items is not like anything anyone has ever seen. Anyone with Craft skills related to these items, please tell me before this week’s session.

Tales from Mergrog (Part 1)

“Gather thee round, and listen…. I SAID LISTEN UP! Good, Mergrog has story to tell, story of great import, one from…. Well…. It don’t matter how old the story is what matters is that it’s old and me gonna tell it something fierce” The squat little yellow goblin cleared his throat and took a deep pull from his mug of ale.

“This is the tale that begins… umm… on the plane of Goblins, a normally wonderful place with swimming pools that are cool, but not too cold, there just kinda the right temperature, and sometimes we can have lemonade by the swimming pools… anyway it’s a nice spot. Until one day the EVIL, Dastardly, Malicious, Smelly Goblin known as REDCAP came. Rumour has it that he sold his soul to a Dark Fae in order to gain greater power. Redcap was harmless at first, just talking to other goblins, talking about how Good King Jareth of the David Bowie would never turn the heat up in all the swimming pools, how the King was always singing and making other goblins sing and dance too, and that maybe it was time for a new king… Maybe Redcap should be king. Well as you can kinda imagine Good King Jareth of the David Bowie was not too keen on hearing this, so he gathered his most loyal of goblins and sent them out to bring back the renegade Redcap. Redcap calling on his dark Fae powers opened again to the plane of annoying pixies and in came a waiting army of pixies to join him and the few who had turned over… there is no more rest on the Goblin Realm, for only those who join Redcap can be spared."

the little goblin paused for a moment taking another sip of his drink, he waiting to allow his auidience to know just how distaskful the thought of Pixies wandering the Goblin realms were. Then he continued.

“All other goblins are hunted and tortured for information. It is said that Redcap has taken the throne of thorns and that Good King Jareth of the David Bowie has had to retreat into the labyrinth of ages in order to find time to rally supporters and heal from the epic battle of awesomeness that the two fought. You are lucky Boss, you have summoned Hoggle and Snot two of the good kings greatest champions, but be weary, not all goblins are as open and honest, and not all goblins can be trusted now the treacherous Redcap sits on the Throne of Thorns… one day boss we hope, that someone like you… or your kinda cool friend there will come back with us to the Goblin Kingdom, will enter the labyrinth and find the Good King, then help lead our armies to freedom from fae oppression.”

With that the little goblin emptied his tankard and hiccupped.

Rat Haiku

Rat Haiku
by Lirienne Kuolinisku

Among the shadows,
Dire rats and Rat man caster,
Overwhelming us.

Rat swarm

Scralling on a Sewer Map

So tired, I scrall this note for my friends and family, if you find it please send it to them as best you can.

Grey Van Guard

Entered the sewers as ordered, after our initial search we discovered many Rats, Dire and large, having battled them we came across an old cemetery as marked on the other side of this sheet. Many empty graves there, as well as the rat man caster. Hoggle, Snot and Morreal pursued caster, while I entered a monastery of Green Light, in it was a skeleton holding a crystal that would shoot out harmful magic, I began to attempt to break the crystal, as did Sir Siegfried and Master Wilson. Sir Siegfried was rendered unconscious in our attempts, after much work finally the crystal was shattered.

We now approach the entrance to the city and are being told by PURE that we may not be admitted, we are gravely injured and have no spells left, should it come to a fight, we are lost. If this should reach Sir Ian, please note that Greyman Tryidion is marked a coward, and should he survive this next encounter that is likely why.

Please Send the last of my pay to my Family in Nietz,


To Hoggle, Snot, Grumpkin and Broms

Thanks friends, you were staunch allies, and bettr friends than I ever could have hopped for, stay strong against the evil Red Cap, and know that one day you will find your leader the Goblin King, I am just sad that I wont be around to help you do it. You work best when you work together, and don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re too weak or too little to do a job, I believe in you.

Your Pal



I’m Sorry, I should have done better, I didn’t, I am sorry for Roslyn as well; I hope the money that is sent is enough to give you a fresh start. I wish I could have been the Knight you needed me to be.


Life Choices

“I don’t know, I guess I feel torn, I’m not sure what to do” Zack looked up at Moraelland locked eyes with his confidant

“It’s just that…” he paused and she nodded for him to continue taking the opportunity to blow the blond locks from her eyes “It’s just that, well sometimes I feel like I am being pulled in all the wrong directions, I don’t know what to do” Zack flopped back on the bed in exasperation, he lay there for a long while staring at the ceiling, waiting for the advice to come… none did he looked up to see his friend hadn’t moved “Well?”

“Well what?” her voice sang

“What should I do?”

“I would start by making a plan, and then perhaps continue by following it through” she said, a slight smile on her lips. He stared at her a long while debating whether she was being earnestly cryptic or crypticly cruel, he decided it didn’t matter.

“I want to be a knight!” he declared “But knights don’t gang up on people, and knight certainly don’t order goblins to do it for them, and They told us that the Grey Guard don’t even knight people, so why am I bothering with them… sometimes I feel I have more in common with Hoggle and Snot then with any knight I’ve ever met… I don’t know” he sighed a sigh of exasperation to emphasize his point. Moraell watched him for a long moment before responding.

“There is more to knighthood then the word Sir before ones name, and you know that there is more than one path to every destination don’t you?” he looked up and locked eyes with his friend

“Yes” he replied

“Doesn’t the Grey Van Guard give you the money you need for your family?” she asked

“Yes but…”

“Dose the Grey Van Guard do honorable work and aid people in the way a knight might?” she asked again

“Well… yes… but…”

“Do your roguish goblin friends work to uphold the greater good?”

“Ya, but they’re not the…”

“Do they keep you safe so that you will live to save more lives another day?”

“Well of course…. But…”

“Then they sound like staunch allies to me, and it sounds like you have had no trouble in selecting the right path, it seems that you have surrounded yourself with fine allies and are well on your way to walking the knights path” Zack smiled despite himself, Moraell always knew how to cheer him up

“thanks” he said

“Don’t thank me, I merely told you what you already knew” he smiled again at that, she was always so humble, and seemed to know just the right thing to say to make him feel better.

“Well thanks for saying it anyway…” he yawned and stretched “ I don’t know about you, but I’m beat, I think I’m going to turn in” he didn’t need to look up to feel the warmth drain from the room, he could recognize her icy stare by the silence “Come on Moraell, it’s late, I’ll sharpen and polish the blade in the morning.. I swear” she said nothing her stare was unrelenting “FINE! But if I’m tired tomorrow it’s your fault!”

“I’m not sure how I will be able to live with myself knowing that you may be tired” she mocked “now do I have to stay here and supervise or can I trust you to get it done?”

“It’s fine, get out of here” he waved her off as he went to his pack to get his whet stone and polish…”do I have to stay here and supervise” he mumbled in a mock tone as he went about his task, there was a faint blue light that always happened when Moraell came or went, and then nothing but the hissing of his edge on the stone, she could be quite the cruel task master when she wanted to be

The Dance of Shadows

The heavy pair of iron shod boots echoed down the hall outside the room where a dwarven man sat diligently reading and making notes. A low muffled conversation could be heard just outside the door of the study and then a gentle knock on the door.

“Come in…” came the strong but weary voice behind the desk.

As the door opened a man in scale armor stepped in, closed the door and stood at attention, “Master Volstagg, we have just received a report from our informative in Ebbenheim”.

The middle aged dwarf sitting at the desk removed his reading glasses, put down his pen, rested his elbows on his large oaken desk and crossed his fingers in front of his mouth and huge bushy beard. The slightest inflection of the dwarf’s left eyebrow gave the armored man the signal to continue.

“A messenger from the Kaiser arrived in Ebbenheim six days ago, and yesterday morning over half of the garrisoned men departed the town at dawn. This leaves Ebbenheim dangerously under defended.” The man in armor looked away uncomfortably, took a laboured breath and then met Master Iain Volstagg’s gaze again. “We also have reason to believe that The Risen are aware of this development.”

The Master continued his steel gaze at the man in front of him, clearly in deep thought. After a few moments of hard silence the Master lowered his hands, stretched out his huntched back and shoulders and spoke, “Norrik, I want you to gather seven men; Greymen, then I want you to ride hard to Ebbenheim with them. Find me when you get there.”
Norrik nodded and quickly left the room to carry out his orders.

Master Volstagg stood from his desk and began packing up his things. In about an hour he’d arrive in Ebbenheim a full week ahead of his men and he would have much to do before they arrived.


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