The Church of Asharyyx

Relatively new to the world of Aethis, and even more new Geftlubadd, Asharyyx is a draconic god that made his presence known just before The War of Skulls. It is said that his champions, The Golden Shields of Aethis, were the soul reason that Geftlubadd was defeated in the war. It is also said that they then went on to destroy the mad sorcerer Malik Sejul,; creator of the living dead and corrupter of the former King of Geftlubadd.

After The War of Skulls Asharyyx’s champions disappeared but left the church in the capable hands of Exarch Paladin Mathieu Aradas and High Priest Larrik Tesarn who immediately followed orders left by the champions to help the people of Geftlubadd. Three 4 man teams of clerics, paladins and mages were sent to Geftlubadd to begin hunting down undead that lingered. Soon after this Kaiser Benedictus created PURE and relieved much of the pressure from the servants of Asharyyx.

Although the number of teams from Asharyyx that roam Geftlubadd has increased to six, their only task is to hunt down threats that are too delicate for PURE to handle. It is because of Asharyyx’s presence and aid that small temples and shrines to the god now exist in almost every town within Geftlubadd, even though many Geftlubaddian people are still wary of the draconic god.

The internal structure of the Church of Asharyyx is split into three separate groups; the Order of Shields, the Order of Swords, and the Order of Eyes. Each order represents a means of protection for the followers of Asharyyx. The Order of Shields is headed by High Priest Larrik Tesarn and presides over members of the clergy, protectors of the faith, and those who interpret the will of Asharyyx. The Order of Swords is headed by Exarch Paladin Mathieu Aradas and presides over missionaries, knights, and others who carry out the will of Asharyyx. Finally, the Order of Eyes is headed by a Grand Anchorite. This position presides over lore keepers, scholars and those who try and interpret the will of Aethis.

Unfortunately, there is currently no Grand Anchorite of Asharyyx and so those who reside within the Order of Eyes are governed by the other two orders. Not since the first Anchorite, almost 25 years ago, has there been another in this place. There are many who reside in this order but the first Anchorite, Hubble Farr left very stringent guidelines as to whom could take up this position, and thus far no one has fulfilled these requirements.

The Church of Asharyyx

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