The world of Aethis lies near ruin, its largest continent split asunder by the cataclysm of Malik Sejul’s demise. The world shuddered and groaned with a tired relief as its victory over the crazed necromancer was realized, but instead of a golden age of peace, what followed was cold shiver and descent into havoc.

Everywhere the undead crumbled, their shrieking cries went silent as Malik’s direct control was released. Nations across the world began to poke their heads out of their castles, fortresses and strongholds as the shadow over the world began to lift and the sun began to shine once again. Secret villains began to flee or be exposed by the sun, as almost every country realized how infiltrated they had become. It was this that bolstered the world into a foolish confidence…

Yet, again the will to survive persevered and the living races continued to fight back. Slowly the races of the world regained a hold on the world, and while many nations reclaimed their power, several withered or crumbled alongside the undead scourge.

The world has become a different place. Relations between countries are almost none existent, and the night holds a primeval power that evokes fear in even the bravest of men. Rumours and horror stories spread like secret plagues from village to town, town to city, and city to country.

The entire continent of Tarranar has heard how Malik’s Dread Knight Vaegir hunted down and slaughtered every last Paladin of Ironos, desecrated his temples and sundered his alters. The common folk of the land despaired seeing a force of pure good be destroyed and the continent descended further into darkness.

But the world is not yet forsaken. The will of mortal races is still strong and the determination of the immortal races still stands resolute. The gods may have been weakened, but their strength is returning and they endeavour, good and evil alike, to gain back the faith of the denizens of Aethis.


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