How to count to 1 million in Dwarven
Or, 1 million bottles of beer on the wall

The Dwarven numerical system is based on names for groups of clan members. This was the ancient Dwarves first reason for counting, as family and loyalty to one’s clan has always been of critical importance to the Dwarven people. These words are based on ancient Dwarven, which most Dwarves no longer speak. The numerical system is therefore one of the only remnants of ancient Dwarven language still in use in the modern era.

Below is a guide on how to count to 10 in Dwarven.
0 – Kun
1 – Gar
2 – Bar
3 – Erba
4 – Wert
5 – Hutt
6 – Eine
7 – Den
8 – Getyr
9 – Dishun
10 – Golz

For the numbers between 11 and 19, the suffix “en” is added to Golz:
11 – Golzen-Gar
12 – Golzen-Bar
13 – Golzen-Erba
14 – Golzen-Wert
15 – Golzen-Hutt
16 – Golzen-Eine
17 – Golzen-Den
18 – Golzen-Getyr
19 – Golzen-Dishun

In order to work in units of 10, the suffix “-golz” is added to the base 10 numbers
20 – Bar-golz
30 – Erba-golz
40 – Wert-golz
50 – Hutt-golz
60 – Eine-golz
70 – Den-golz
80 – Getyr-golz
90 – Dishun-golz

After this point, the following suffixes are used in conjunction with the base 10 numbers:
100 – Urne
1,000 – Arn
1,000,000 – Ordg

To illustrate:
17,496 – Golzen-Den-Arn Wert-Urne Dishun-golz-Eine
English – Seventeen thousand four hundred ninety six

1,286,712 – Gar-Ordg Bar-Urne-Getyr-golz-Eine-Arn Den-Urne Golzen-Bar
English – One million two hundred eighty-six thousand seven hundred and twelve

Happy Dwarven Counting!

If it were any good it would have been Plan A

Zack starred at Siggy for a long time… sometimes his friend was dense. He rarely understood nobles, if we wanted something, tell the orcs what is was and get on with it. The large orc looked angry… Zack knew that look; that was the look of someone who was just about out of patience; Zack had seen this look many times.

Hoggle twirled the weapons in his hands, Snot shifted the tension in the air was palpable, Zack slowly caught on… there we a lot of Orcs, there weren’t that many goblins at their disposal, they wouldn’t win this fight… his eyes widened in worry

“Siggy… What did he say? WHAT DID HE SAY” his friends face looked pale as he turned to face him

“Kill them” Siggy replied his tone devoid of fear or emotion. Zack took a deep breath

“Well Shit, that is certainly not what we were hoping for… can we win this fight?”

“No”, “Nope” Hoggle and Snot supplied, Zack glared at them

“Siggy, Gray, Keth… can we win this?” the looks on their faces spoke before their words could “Ok, so what’s plan B? fuck that moving right to C, what is plan C?…. hole up? Talk ‘em down? Single combat? Divine fortune?… come on… we aint licked yet?”

Zack watched as the Orcs hefted their weapons and began to approach…. He closed his eyes and wished he was anywhere but here… he opened his eyes… the orcs were still coming…

“well shit… I guess we’re up to plan D now”

The Raven's Flight Pt 3.

Godfrey lay awake on his lumpy mattress, not able to find sleep and not able to get the sight of the blackness out of his head.

He should have been tired. It had been the busiest day of his life. Godfrey had never sent so many missives in a single day. The lord himself had sent over 20, and then it seemed like every villager in the town had put in an order to have messages sent out the next morning. Even now there was a stack of tiny messages waiting to go tomorrow morning. Godfrey knew he didn’t have enough ravens. He’d also have to hold at least a dozen in reserve just in case.

Godfrey tried his best to get the thoughts of his work out of his head, and worked harder to forget the sight of the blackness that consumed the library.

Just as Godfrey was about the find sleep the ravens aloft in the rookery started to caw.

“What the fuck…” Godfrey said in annoyance. The slowly the ravens got louder.

“Shut up.” Godfrey said more to himself. Still the ravens got louder. Slowly his sensibility came back to him as his mind woke up again. The only reason they’d be making noise at this hour is if something was disturbing them.

Godfrey sighed as he got to his feet. The ravens seemed to be getting worked up over something, but it didn’t sound like they were angry. A stoat or an owl would have them cawing bloody murder. This wasn’t like that.

Godfrey put on his night coat, grabbed his keys and started up the stairs to the rookery tower. The cawing only got louder as he moved up the creaky stairs of the tower.

As he neared he started to hear the sound of wings flapping, moving about the loft. The sudden realization that the raven’s were out of their cages made Godfrey panic. He fumbled with his keys as he reached the door and unlocked it.

“What in the hells!”

The rookery was a mess, cages unlocked, feathers everywhere. It took a moment for Godfrey to get a sense of what was going on. They were leaving. The ravens had somehow gotten themselves out and were leaving.

“The lord is gonna have my head…” Godfrey looked around and sighed as his eyes rested on a large raven standing on a piece of parchment.

The Raven's Flight Pt 2.

“Who? Who? Who?” The raven cawed over and over.

“Heisenberg.” Odessa repeated again.

“Where? Who? What?” Several of the ravens cawed back.

Odessa wasn’t getting very far. Her awakening had happened gradually and with the guidance and example from many humans. Now she was trying to make ravens who had yet to be awakened understand the specifics of humans.

“Heisenberg.” Odessa pecked at the word on the sheet. Several ravens’ heads cocked as they looked toward the writing and then back at Odessa before cawing back in assent.

“See the markings.” Odessa cawed again, before pecking at the paper. A few more ravens moved closer to join the group and cawed in with the others, showing their understanding.

“Go find the markings, then come back to me.” Odessa cawed out the command, hoping the other ravens would agree. A few ravens flew off, but far more just stayed where they were.

“Food?” They cawed back. “Reward? Food?”

“Yes. Great food and reward when you get back.” Odessa lied.

“Food! Reward!” The ravens’ caws went up in agreement as one after another raven’s began to leave the rookery.

Suddenly the door to the loft slammed open…

A greeting

Almost immediately after the shock of finding themselves facing a large party of orcs, clearly on the other side of the continent, had dissipated, Keth’s breath caught in her throat. Her stomach lurched and her eyes darkened for a moment as panic nearly overwhelmed her when she realized there was now more than a country between her and Scruffy, and no easy way of getting back again. And besides, wasn’t this their intended destination anyway? Would the rest of the party even want to go back? And surely Malcav would be unimpressed if they backtracked now…

No matter. Now was not the time to show her panic, not with an encampment of orcs spread out before them. Taking a moment to collect herself, Keth glanced around at her companions and saw that they all seemed as shocked as she was. Nobody made a move to speak to the orcs. Keth wracked her brain trying to think of an appropriate greeting. Sure, she’d learned Orcish from the half-orcs that made the underbelly of Lichtenrade their home, and she was reasonably good at sweet-talking or bluffing her way out of tight spots with the law or the Thieves Guild, but she’d never actually dealt with a full orc before. What would be the best approach? When dealing with the half-orc rogues back home, it was best to match toughness with toughness, but that was usually the best approach when dealing with most thieves, half-orcs or not. Keth wasn’t sure that would be a good plan here, considering she and her companions were the intruders.

As these thoughts tumbled through her head, the orcs began to notice them. Someone needed to say or do something soon. Stepping forward a bit and trying to gather her wits, Keth said the first thing that popped into her head: “[Orcish] Hello.”

The Raven's Flight

Odessa flew around the tower and the library. One minute the boy had been there in the library, then the dark magics had been everywhere, and then he was gone. Not dead, just gone.

The Jinn seems to be out of sorts with what happened, and If Odessa wasn’t mistaken the big headed horned guy that the boy didn’t like much, but was starting to respect a little, had been nosing around as well.

With a noise flap of wings Odessa landed on a post near where one of the shinny man’s little mocking birds was placing a piece of paper on a board. Odessa had learned to read a little, and specific words always caught her attention. This one had two, the boy’s murders name and the name of the murder that was one that he had never respected.

Heisenberg, PURE.

Odessa flew up and dived the board, and tore that paper off. She flew up cawing to the rest of the murder of this city,

Send out word, find my boy, any of his murder, his adopted murder, his sisters, his brothers. It is time they went home.

General Proclamation
This notice has been distributed to all cities and posted on town hall boards.

By decree of Sir Abner von Gunthe III, Lord Commander of the Preliminary Unilateral Recovery Effort, Master Necroid Slayer,

Reviewed, ratified and proclaimed by His Majesty Kaiser Adalwulf Benedictus, First of his name, protector of the realm and saviour of Geftlubadd,

Due to the grand efforts of P.U.R.E. and the tireless efforts of the Geftlubaddian army, many estates of noble families have been successfully purged of the necroid threat. In concert with the Church of Kraun, these lands have been consecrated and have been deemed to be inhabitable. It is the wish of His Majesty Kaiser Adalwulf Benedictus, and the opinion of Sir Abner Von Gunthe, that these lands should be reinstated to their former owners, to be held by the noble families that fought so valiantly and sacrificed so much to defend Geftlubadd during the War of Skulls.

Due to the hardships faced during this time of crisis, the crown recognizes that the heir to said estates may not be readily available. As such, these lands will be held in trust for a period of 5 years or until an individual of binding age with proof of lineage has come forth to set claim.

If no such individual has been presented within the allotted time, all lands, holdings and wealth therein will be assumed by the crown to be used at its discretion. Should a claim be made after the 5 year period, compensation negotiations will be permitted and heard by the crown.

The following estates have been purged and are available to be claimed:
- Osstad Hold and surrounding highlands, Osweldt
- Grundbuch Estates, Ghoranusberg
- Fort Gesetz and surrounding holdings, Osweldt
- Oldenberg Estates, Osweldt
- Strelitz Manor, Osweldt
- Uradel Manor, Ghoranusberg
- Hochadel Estates, Osweldt
- Niederer Hold and surrounding holdings, Selinn
- Schenk Manor, Ghoranusberg
- Ibnetz Hide, Einnendorf
- Standerschern Manor, Osweldt
- Heisenberg Manor, Ghoranusberg
- Grauf Manor, Osweldt
- Siedmacher Estates, Osweldt


Keth looked around at the strange realm the party had found themselves in. She wasn’t exactly surprised that something like this had happened – after all, one doesn’t call on a chaotic evil god without being prepared for the unexpected – but that didn’t make it any less unsettling. She could already feel the anxiety creeping up on her, an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach, as she realized that she had no way of knowing what had happened back in the library to those left behind. Was Robby okay, and, more importantly, Scruffy? She suppressed a shudder. There was no point in worrying when there was nothing she could do about it yet anyway. Besides, she’d left Scruffy happily curled up in one of the lounges, far away from where the ritual was taking place. There was no reason to think that anything bad would happen to him, although if she didn’t return soon he’d be awfully sad and lonely. Come to think of it, she’d be awfully sad.

With a sigh, Keth pushed her thoughts of Scruffy to the back of her mind. There were more important matters to address right now.

a response of resonlessness

Zack thought out his reply, it would need to be good

“Off Plane, departed Kaiserlouft Library, Dark magic involved, recommend caution entering library as town risk is great, Try contact in 3 days, responsless = Dead”

“well, here is hoping that this works” he mumbled looking out at the nothing"

Report to Os'is

Siegfried looked around at what was happening. This realm was strange, not exactly chaotic, more like it had been put together by a child that had been in the throes of a temper tantrum.

His hand unconsciously went to his sword and he felt for his magic. He gathered up that part of him self that had been awakened with the ritual that Os’is had preformed.

He gathered the magic for a sending message and hoped that it got to him. Kaiserslouft Oberson Library secure. Pharusbannaxus son one book. Jin O’tool replace defences as possible. need better time, money, magic, if fighting powers above us. Talk soon.

Os’is had said that the sending message would be able to send from anywhere, Siegfried hoped that was true.

He continued to look around. Not only did he clutch his own sword, but now the sword Zack had thrown away, Moreal’s sword. He could feel warmth from it, a comforting one. He also sought out Odessa’s presence, that one comforting core that had been with him the longest, the two presences seemed to almost be coming from a similar place.

Siegfried looked to where Zack was, It looked like something had just happened. He hopped that everything would be alright.

" .


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