Siegfried von Heisenberg

A wandering magus helping the people.


A tall man, with a happy face. He commonly wears a long coat with a high coller over his armour and a wide brim hat. He is often seen with a large group of raven. A big female raven Odessa often follows him closely.


My name is Siegfried von Heisenberg. I leave this account so those that come across the Heisenberg lands know what has happened. I am the 8th child of Hanz and Greta von Heisenberg, and to my knowledge, I am the oldest remaining male of the family. The last I heard was that my older brothers were serving in the reformed army, somewhere north of the old family lands, but I have been unable to contact them. The only siblings that I have left are Heinrich, my younger brother, and my two sisters, Alice, and Alisha. Most of my older siblings have been taken by the wandelnd die toten, the walking dead. The only things that remain of the Heisenberg’s, besides my siblings and I are the murder of ravens, that we used as messengers.

I should say something I think of my personal life since I am the one writing this account. As I said my name is Siegfried von Heisenberg. I was born some five years after the War of the Skulls, as a result I am familiar with the devastation that happened during that War. On top of that my Father and older brothers all fought in that war. What I am about to say is something that few people know and is the cause of much of the downfall of my family. We worked against our King. The King was sacrificing the people for the sake of his own ambition. This was something that my father and brothers could not stand for. As a result when Father turned against the country the King stripped the family of most of it’s holdings except the oldest. The Heisenberg Manor, had stood since the family first gained their Nobility, and now that they had had it stripped from them they returned to it to start again. The Family motto, for the people, is something that we take very seriously. As my family had always helped the people around the Manor, they banded together to assist my family. In return, when the people needed help assistance or protection from the undead that were still roaming the land, my brothers and Father helped. My mother who was an accomplished healer, assisted with sickness, and minor protections against the undead. Most of my sisters studied at the Church, or were married off to other families nearby. My older brothers continued to protect the people, but were often called to other areas of the country as well to help assist in the destruction of the undead.

By the time I was born, the family had had it’s nobility returned to it. Still we had to make sure of our expenditures, but we were able to start investing again. As a young boy I helped most often with making sure that we were stocked with good foods, my mother or sisters often helped with this. Until my brother Heinrich was born, I was also typically the only male at the Manor beside Father. As a result my father had tutors hired, and taught me himself how to use blade and bow. I spent much of my spare time either running through the library reading the few primers on magic that my father had or in the rookery taking care of the Murder of Ravens. When I was young I thought that these were the two best games ever. It was not until I was older that I learned how dangerous magic could be. But I will come to that. The Rookery was, despite the noise that the Ravens gave, peaceful for me. I would often read, and try to figure out the primers on magic there. I did not understand at the time as well that the books that I was reading were not typical wizardry or sorcery, but something akin to war magics, what I would learn later was called Magus magic. Spending time in the Rookery, as I said was peaceful, but for the most part the Raven were some of my only friends as well. My sisters were off at other families, my brothers off protecting the land as they could. My parents seeing to the running and betterment of the estate and the lands and people around it. I became the only one beside the Rookery Master Gesalt, who could approach, feed and take care of Odessa, the matron of the Murder. She would often sit on my shoulder when I was studying one of the primers, and shoo off the rest of the murder when they got to close.

I had moderate understanding of wizard magic, but could not grasp certain concepts in the more utilitarian spells, and I was accomplished at using a sword and weapons, but not to the degree a Knight or soldier might. I was fascinated by how some of the steps in some sword forms seemed to be like the spells and concepts in the primers at the Manor. My Father wanted me to choose one avenue, but I continually refused. I was too interested and dedicated to both that I would give up one. My Father had started to despair that I would come to anything, until an old acquaintance, Master Faust, came to visit my father, Father never told me how he knew Master Faust. I had been walking along a hallway wearing the light practice armour coming from sword practice, had casting minor cantips without making mistakes. Master Faust realized at that point what I could be. He told my Father and I that I could be a Magus, essentially a combat caster. It was at this point that I started to understand much of what was in those primers. Master Faust asked if I would want to become his apprentice for he was also a Magus. He told me that the training would be hard and that it could possibly kill me, for we would be travelling between towns. Master Faust was always one for hands on training. For the next eight years I learned how to blend, blade and magic together. I learned skills, and spells and weapons. I learned how to wear armour and cast spells without issue. My master can cast spells in full plate and not fail. It was amazing. I learned how to scribe my spells and the difference between Magus spells, and those of wizards, or the formulas of the Alchemists. A few weeks ago during the last set of test and examinations, Ravens started to appear more and more at the school. During the one particularly difficult test, Odessa landed on my shoulder. She waited until the test was over and then started to try and pull me away. Master Faust, after gifting me with my graduation gifts, thought that maybe that it was a good idea if, he accompanied me back to the Manor. When we arrived here, because I write this in the ruins of the Manor, we were attacked by a large group of undead, I saw my mother and Father fall to the ground defending my brother and sisters, and the house burned to the ground. Master Faust and I managed to fight off the last of the undead, and save my brother, Heinrich, and sisters Alice, and Alisha. Everything is gone now. As acting head of the Heisenberg Family I have asked Master Faust to take my brother and sister under his wing, he has agreed to protect them as he can. I also told him that my sisters should be entered into the Church as was tradition in the family, and my brother trained in the Martial disciplines. I will continue to roam the land as I can and help the people, as my brothers, father, and ancestors did, I will help and protect the people.

For the last few weeks Odessa has been following me, as has the rest of the murder. I know the theory and am considering taking her as a familiar. I believe that I may join the PURE organization, as they help fight the undead, I have also heard good things about the Grey Vanguard but know little about them. Beyond fighting the undead I hope to one day restore my family and their honour.

Siegfried von Heisenberg

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