The Grey Vanguard

The Grey Vanguard has their origins within Osweldt. Started by a dwarf by the name of Iain Volstagg who came from the city of GIlgaard, the Grey Vanguard was formed specifically to allow honest mercenaries to operate with greater legitimacy. Originally the organization only existed within the city of GIlgaard itself, but quickly grew and now serves in all towns in the Osweldt province and in a limited fashion in the rest of the country.

Thus far the reputation of the Grey Vanguard has been untarnished by any corruption. Although not every mercenary mission has been successful, there have been no accusations against the guild’s legitimacy. The mercenaries that work for the Grey Vanguard also tend not to gouge their clients, which makes them all the more attractive to deal with.

Although no one knows the specifics of how one is chosen for membership of the guild, it is common knowledge that there is both a test of ability and of one’s moral character before they are admitted to the organization.

Once accepted into the organization, members are placed in one of three orders; Brothers, Sergeants, and Masters. Brothers are free agents that are able to pick up missions from central hubs in each city. While they are free agents, Brothers (or Greymen as they are referred to colloquially) are expected to conduct themselves in an honourable manner. While this does not mean that they cannot accept payments, or take mercenary contracts, it does mean that they are expected to act within the boundaries of the law.

Sergeants are divided into two categories, Captains and Regents. Captains lead larger missions when groups of Brothers come together to tackle a larger issue, while Regents watch over cities and regions, collecting intelligence and directing Brothers.

At this time, only one Master is known to be in operation, Iain Volstagg. Master Volstagg’s location is unknown and what exactly his purpose within the ranks of the Greymen is, is just as mysterious. There are many who say that Master Volstagg is no more than a glorified vigilante, and many others who say that he was a secret member of the Golden Shields of Aethis sent to help Geftlubadd recover from Malik’s war. While there are many who would like to question the man, he has never given any government officials an excuse to bring him in. There are, however, rumours that PURE has been (somewhat) secretly trying to gather information about Volstagg.

The Grey Vanguard

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