The Miracle of Three Gods

Although no one knows exactly why or how the High Priest of Asharyyx came to Zalen, what is known is that he later on founded The Golden Shields of Aethis and is somehow responsible for the Miracle of Three Gods.

It is said that on the eve of the Dawn of Misery, the Great Protector, Asharyyx, had managed to glimpse into the mind of Malik Sejul and know what his next action would be. In order to safeguard the people of Zalen and thus allow Zenoi to stay strong enough to defeat Geftlubadd and Malik Sejul, Asharyyx sent his High Priest Joseph Stern, to speak with the magistrates of Ironos and Kraun. There, Stern convinced the other priests to enter into a ritual ceremony in which they allow Asharyyx to channel much of his, then, limited power and create a holy barrier of light around the city of Zalen.

This barrier destroyed the undead that touched it and held them back long enough to allow Zalen to mobilize its forces. Although Asharyyx’s servant had been the one to convene the ritual and channel the gods’ power, the gods Ironos and Kraun were instrumental in allowing for the largest divine intervention in history since the elder days.

The city of Zalen is now home to the High Temple of Asharyyx and to cathedrals dedicated to both Ironos and Kraun.

The Miracle of Three Gods

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