The country of Zenoi is an old and proud nation founded on peace and diplomatic solutions. Currently ruled by High Lord Stewart Falkten, who had been steward during The War of Skulls, after the King of Zenoi was murdered. Unfortunately, the King had no surviving offspring and the line ended with him, and so Sir Stewart Falkten was named High Lord by the people he had worked so hard to defend.

Zenoi contains the High Cathedral of Asharyyx and was the home nation of The Golden Shields of Aethis during the War of Skulls.

The Legend of Zenoi
Many generations ago, in one of many wars with Geftlubadd, Zenoi was two countries; Zevaria and Mannoi. Constant bickering and battles were normal between the three countries of the region (Geftlubadd, Zevaria and Mannoi), until Geftlubadd gained the upper hand. War broke out between three nations as Geftlubadd tried to invade both countries at the same time. Victory for Geftlubadd seemed inevitable until Zevaria and Mannoi realized their petty squabbles were based on old grudges and pride. The two nations put aside their differences and chose to trust each other. Zevaria’s Prince Harid and Mannoi’s Princess Celes married and solidified the union between the two countries.

Although the first year was the hardest part of their alliance, the peoples were inspired by the royal couple and learned to put aside old differences. Within that year, the war turned against Geftlubadd and they were forced to pull back. The two nations begun working together and begun a long road towards retaking their lands. Unfortunately the King of Geftlubadd had different plans.

In secret the King of Geftlubadd hired a mysterious assassin to murder the princess and make it look as though a Zevarian had done the deed. Things, however, did not go as planned. The assassin snuck into the palace of Mannoi during preparations for a feast celebrating Princess Celes’ pregnancy, and, using a poison made from a plant only found in Zevaria, he poisoned the tea of the princess. The tea, as usual, was sent to the study where the princess usually read in the evening. It was only by chance that the princess was not there, instead she had been caught late into the evening making plans for her celebrations. Unfortunately, the prince was in the study instead, and knowing that the princess would not want to be disturbed, bid the servant leave the tea for her return. Getting deeper into his reading the Prince would not be bothered to order his own tea and instead drank his new wife’s, intending to order her more when she returned.

When the Princess found her dead husband in the study on the eve of the feast, she was struck by a rare gift of clairvoyance and knew what the King of Geftlubadd had done. The feast was cancelled but in place of mourning the princess found within her a righteous fire and she remembered the great example that was made the day that her and her love were married.

Only a week after the Princess’s husband was slain, the Princess spoke to both nations and urged them to put aside old hatreds and fight harder than they had ever fought before. The princess told the nations of the heinous crime that Geftlubadd had perpetrated and declared that together Zevaria and Mannoi would not only finish taking back their lands but would push into Geftlubadd and retake lands which had once been owned by Zevaria and Mannoi many many generations ago.

Within 8 months, the two nations had fought hard and retaken all of their lands, and deliberated over pushing further to take retribution on the aggressor nation of Geftlubadd. The Kings of Zevaria and Mannoi now went into council to decide what their next step would be, and together they came to a solution.

In two weeks the Princess birthed her baby, the golden haired Prince Arros and the two Kings announced their plans for Geftlubadd. Together the two great men declared that Prince Arros was heir to both thrones and that when he came of age Zevaria and Mannoi would unite and the Prince would become the King of Zenoi. The two Kings declared that they would hold the rulership of both countries until this time, but that they would act as custodians to the throne of Zenoi; their first act in their new office… they declared the war between Geftlubadd and Zenoi over and sent a missive to the King of Geftlubadd stating the same. In this missive they also stated that any act to prolong the war would mean that Zenoi would continue to fight until every last inch of Geftlubadd was property of Zenoi. The King of Geftlubadd, weakened and shamed, was forced to agree to make peace.

So says the legend of Zenoi.


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